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Having discussed all there is to know about video poker, let’s now take a look at the other card games that are available to players in India. In this guide to card games in Indian casinos, we explore the different gaming options from blackjack online through to the traditional card game of Teen Patti online.

For those new or not new to card gaming, if you know poker or don’t know poker, then this is the perfect review of card gaming. We discuss the options of live casino card games that can be found inside of the Indian casino sites that are now available to Indian players.

If it is going on inside of an online casino and it is related to card gameplay, then it will be discussed right here.

Introducing casinos in India

Casinos are now a booming enterprise on the internet and now it is the turn of the Indian market to experience the fantastic opportunities it presents. Here we are looking at card games specifically, this brings us to games like poker, baccarat, blackjack online, and the traditional Teen Patti cash game. There are numerous card games in Indian casinos and you are in a fortunate position to be able to experience these games in incredible surroundings and enjoy digitalised and live casino gameplay.

First, a bit about the options of an online casino before we dive into Teen Patti online and all the other games found within the Indian casino sites.

So, is online gambling in Indian legal? The answer is yes! Have no worries or concerns. Throughout the Gambling Act of 1867 and all its updates, nowhere does it proclaim that gambling online is prohibited.

The facts are such that it is illegal for remote businesses to produce online content, but overseas casinos are allowed to service Indian players just as long as they do not advertise their casino.

It is an odd rule, but it’s the same in Canada, America and in parts of Europe and the Australasia territories.

Take your pick of the top online casinos

So, you want to play an inexhaustible amount of card games in Indian casinos right? So, with the options of Teen Patti online, poker games, blackjack online, and baccarat, where is the best place to play them? Finding the right Indian casino can be tricky if you don’t know the facts, but with them, picking the right online casino to join only takes a matter of minutes to recognise the signs of a great casino that offers legitimate card games in India.

Despite being able to guide you to the most credible casinos in India, we will still share with you the key points to look for in a casino, should you wish to seek out your own gambling operator on your own.

1: Licensing – a casino must be licensed before it is allowed to provide its service to members of the public online. Casinos must display this license on their site, usually located at the foot of the website’s homepage.

2: Banking – when it comes to payments, players from India specifically, must set up a new alternative banking service that bypasses the reserve bank who stop all payments with affiliated gambling sites as a means of stopping money laundering. You will have to, therefore, set up PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or other similar services to work as the go-between from your bank to the Indian casino.

3: Security – online safety is of the highest importance; therefore, the online casino must have the latest security software in place, ideally Secure Socket Layer technology, which is the most successful encryption software on the market right now.

4: Gaming – if you want the great expanse of card games in Indian casinos, then numbers matter and so too the software quality. If you want games like Teen Patti live, blackjack online, video poker, live poker tournaments and so on, then you need to have the best developers associated with the casino, the more you have the greater your options and choice.

Presenting blackjack

When it comes to famous card games, blackjack is perhaps the one people know most. It helped to for the industry of gambling and has been around for centuries. In the modern age, you can experience live dealer blackjack and a host of variants that are playable online.

Blackjack is a very simple game and is often the one chosen by new players because it requires no skill and you only need to be able to add up to 21 to play and win the game.

Blackjack online is, of all the card games, the best one in terms of the odds of winning. The casino is only given an edge of 1.48%. Basically, blackjack is a near 50/50 game of chance.

The rules are simple. You will be given two cards; from these, you try to score a total that adds to 21. The cards retain their face value with aces being 11 or 1. In the game you can ask for more cards, you can pay for an extra card and boost your wager, or you can split the hand to form two separate hands against the dealers one hand. If you get a score closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, then you win.

Presenting Teen Patti online

All Indian’s must know what teen patti is. It is a traditional Indian card game. Experiencing Teen Patti online is no different from how you play at home with friends and family. The rules are the same and so too is the enjoyment that can be experienced either as a Teen Patti live game or as an RNG digital option.

The Teen Patti cash game is specifically available in India and not so much marketed in Europe and further abroad. It is featured more so as a live casino option than that of an RNG simulation. When opting to join any Indian casino that offers this game, you will be able to play it against a live dealer that speaks Hindi or English.

The Teen Patti live option will also allow you to play with other online players at the table.

The game was born from the British 3-card brag game, a variant of poker. If you know poker rules, then playing Teen Patti online is a piece of cake.

Basically, you will be dealt 3 cards, of these you have to form the highest scoring hand possible to beat the casino’s hand or dealer’s hand in this case.

Presenting video poker

What is video poker? This is a variant of the game but presented in an entirely different way. Video poker takes the game from off the table and plays it out like a slot machine game. With video poker, you get dozens of variants like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Aces & Faces and loads more.

This is essentially poker but played like a slot. The hands are the same to a degree, depending on which variant you play.

It’s a feature of the casino that is very popular, it’s a variant that is not available to play in the realms of a live casino platform.

Every online Indian casino has video poker, so it is easily accessible for those wishing to play in a wholly unique way.

Introducing live casino gaming

We have mentioned a number of times the opportunity to play live casino games, so what exactly is it?

Well, back in 1996, Evolution Gaming was the first software company to produce a live streaming service that broadcasted real casino games in real-time. You could watch these games, take part, communicate with those involved and win money.

Today, you can play the Teen Patti cash game amongst others including live dealer blackjack and poker. The service is also geared up to provide games like roulette and a new series of game show features like Dream Catch and Deal or No Deal.

Playing live is an immersive experience, one that is now the new normal with regards to the idea of casino atmosphere and entertainment.

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