Video Poker – A Useful Guide for Online Casino Enthusiasts.

Welcome to Video Poker, firstly well done on taking the right first step to learn more info about video poker games and how to get there. Here we will set out some guidelines drawn out from our experience and knowledge, teaching you some of the industries hidden truths that you may not notice whilst you make your merry way around the casino world. So before you take your seat at the table, let us delve into a few pointers and also point out is a recommended site for free games in this area.

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Video Poker – The first steps towards a successful and fun casino lifestyle, without getting caught out.

We all love a gamble, so let’s start with a bet, you clicked into a search engine and typed in ‘video poker’ right? If we’re not exact with our prediction we wouldn’t be far off. Doing this brings a myriad of options, Wikipedia no doubt and a few sites, but what you will have noticed is that you don’t get a concise list of casinos which house video poker. Be weary of where you tread as the list of sites you’ll be faced with first hand are affiliated partners to specific casinos that may not have your interests at heart, thankfully we learnt this from a helpful site, when we started playing video poker. Used to traffic players for commission and are possibly not the best-suited casino for you, so heed our advice and not rush into just joining any old casino.

How to Play – Our experience and knowledge brought together to teach video poker and the fundamental basics.

video poker

There are wrong ways and right ways to everything and video poker is not immune from this. If you’re a beginner or a regular player you still may be taking on the game with the wrong methods, but we will come to the strategic side shortly. Knowledge is key and you don’t want to miss out on hitting a Royal Flush because you were oblivious to the combination of cards required or what makes a strong set of hands. You’ll also need to be aware of the poker variants as they will each carry their own set of rules.

The basic 5 key steps on how to play video poker.

  • The player will place their bet
  • The machine/dealer will give each player 5 cards
  • The player will make a choice of the 5 cards dealt, which to keep and/or discard
  • Those discarded are replaced by machine or dealer
  • The value of your card hand determines a win or a loss

Strategies and Tips – Everything’s fallible and you will be able to win video poker using our successful guide.

Nothing is just chance when you look to win video poker games, logic and formulated rules do apply, if poker was pure chance then you could walk up to a professional table with a million prize jackpot at stake and have more ‘chance’ as anyone on the table with very little knowledge. Seems irrational right? It is, there is a reason as to why tournaments exist because professionals have tact, skill, and knowledge. You’ll need to know when to bet low and when to bet high, and depending on the variant of poker depends on which strategy to use, you need to know when to hold or throw the dealt cards. The most popular strategy is the jacks or better theory, though a ‘pair’ is sufficient enough to win yourself the jackpot. Gut instinct is perhaps one of the most over-looked tools if you feel that the dealt cards are never coming into your favour then leave and head for another table, of all the advice and teachings, changing your mentality to trust your intuition is the hardest part. Our final piece of advice would be to play more free games and develop your skills, rather than go in cold and lose money, or not returning with a bigger payout that you could have had. So look out for casinos that offer a no deposit bonus and use this free money to practice with if you start to feel more confident and better with video poker, just don’t be left at the table looking like the wild joker!

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Tournaments – The Holy Grail for all aficionados and lovers of video poker, the online dream to play and conquer!

Before you settle into a seemingly suitable casino, check they offer tournament programs, they are out there but few offer this form of entertainment. Head over to where you will get more details on this.

During tournaments you will participate against thousands of other players, all of which are trying to reach the goal of being within the top five or top ten spots to then progress to the more lucrative rounds. The narrowed down places will see players battle it out over the course of two days. The logic of the tournament is to get players to win, the more they win the more they progress, and thusly you’ll have full view of the leader board. Stages of winning are met with cash rewards, getting through to the top required spots will land you a handsome sum, from this, say 1000 in rewards, will then be used in the final rounds, those making a higher profit from this will be the person bestowed with greatness and a huge jackpot prize.

We hope our knowledge rubs off and that you gain your own valuable experience so you can approach the poker table with confidence and win your first, but not last poker game be it jacks or better video poker, perhaps even deuces wild video poker.

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